January 9th, 2015

Excited About Everything

I've got a blank space baby...and I'll write your name

So I'm pretty sure it's been one thousand years since I last posted, whoops. Some things that happened:

I made baked apples in my crockpot last weekend and they were DELICIOUS. In fact, I may make more next week. Just so good and easy and YUM. APPLES.

I've become a little bit obsessed with Andy Cohen. I just finished reading his diary and it was like a book-length version of US Weekly and I loooove pop culture and it just made me super happy.

I broke my bottom retainer. (Yes, I still wear retainers at night.) It's a long story but my own dentist was happy to replace it for me -- in eight weeks. I had a mini-meltdown and posted to my neighborhood association's web site asking for ortho recs. A woman commented that she worked in a dentist office and would get me in right then, so I jetted over, they put me straight in, she wrangled my insurance and even delivered the finished retainer to my mailbox that night. I mean, just BEYOND amazing. Really, really kind. I'm not ready to have my top retainer replaced, but you can bet that when I do, I'll be going there. I'm going to send her a thank you note -- that's not out of line, is it?

If I ever manage to get dressed, I'm going to run a few errands that have been hanging over my head. Weirdly, I'm kind of excited to get them all knocked out at once. By dinnertime, they will all be DONE and off my plate forever! WOOOOO. (My reward will be Which Wich.)

There's a situation happening where I literally feel like I am talking into a black hole and everyone involved is just ignoring me. I mean, like, literally no response, ever. I'm not sure how to handle it without being passive aggressive or just having a legit temper tantrum. Stressful.

This year I decided to set some goals for myself. Not resolutions, mind you, but goals. I'm focusing as much as possible on just being me and feel these things will help me kick that back on track.

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wings128 posted this and it's too good not to steal and share. LOVE IT.

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Hold Me Down Hands

thinking ‘bout your tattooed knuckles on my thigh boy

I got your name hanging from my chain
Don’t you wanna claim my body like a vandal?
You got the cure underneath your shirt
Don’t you wana save this dirty little damsel?
Got my mink coat falling on the motel floor
You’re on the bed wolf whistling louder
Your lips smudging all my make up
Kicking both my heels off
Come and pin me down

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