February 7th, 2015

SPN: Sam Sweaty Neck

you got the cure underneath your shirt, don't you wanna save this dirty little damsel?

Ooohhh you guys. Life has been nuts busy. What else is new, right? But after I make this entry, I'm going to read new deirdre_c J2 fic and there ain't nothing bad about that!

Speaking of Dei, she and others had a discussion about Mikhail Baryshnikov on twitter and now I can't live another week without watching White Nights again. I still remember when that movie came out! It's so good.

Some things I've currently obsessing about:

  • Fine tip sharpie markers.
  • Tosi Almond Superbites. OMG these are so good!
  • Reading in bed.
  • Charcoal face masks.
  • Graze snack boxes. Seriously don't know how I'd even feed myself without these.
  • TSA Pre-Check -- no more security lines? Yes please! I'm registering Monday.
  • Really hot, milky tea.
  • Golden Girls reruns.
  • Max's super soft ears.
  • The weather -- it was in the 30s last Thursday, should be in the 80s by tomorrow.
  • Soft, flannel pillowcases.
  • My Spark Notebook. Sooo amazing and addicting.
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sherran. This is on repeat constantly in my car.
  • Text messages. All day, every day.
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    Hold Onto Me

    Quote of the Day

    "Spend time to remember and appreciate the people in your life who, despite it all, kept you hopeful as you encountered situations of evil, suffering, and sadness."
    --Joe McHugh