February 27th, 2015

J2 It's Cold Outside


It's snowing and it's pretty and I don't have to go anywhere today and so I am happy. And it's going to be warm and dry for the next few days, so that also makes me happy too.

Some things I've become obsessed with:

♥ Instagram! ames1010 encouraged me to get one so I set that up during our last ice day and YEAH. I really love it a lot.

This jacket from Lands End, which I bought back in November during a particularly brutal cold snap. It is warm and comfy and I don't feel like a huge round ball and the pockets are lined in flannel and sometimes I don't even wear gloves, I just shove my hands in the pockets and they're toasty warm. Also, it has a hood, which I wear all the time because...hoods. I love a hood.

♥ Graphic novels. Loooove. OBSESSED.

♥ Hockey. NOT the fandom, don't get excited. No recs please. But actual games. I want to go to another!

♥ Everyone who is linking spn_masquerade fills. YOU are my forever favorites.

♥ Finally getting around to discarding that one bra that rubs an itchy welt on my back. It was expensive so I resisted but every time I wear it, I'm miserable, so... *dusts off hands*

Now I'm off to see how this day fills up! MWAH.
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Quote of the Day

"I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or she's different or she doesn't fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. I promise you do. Stay weird, stay different."
--Graham Moore, accepting his Academy Award