March 24th, 2015

J2 Together LA

Vegas Con 2015: Family don't end with blood

So, for a variety of reasons not worth going into, I couldn't even leave Dallas until 5:30 p.m. the Saturday of Vegas Con. I was bummed but at least I would be there for the boys do what you can do. My hope was to be there in time to have dinner with my friends before the Saturday Night Special.

When I got to the Vegas airport, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around, expecting a fangirl. Instead, it was a girl I knew from high school! I truly hadn't seen her in about ten years -- and only once since we graduated from high school ten years before that. I was so shocked, it was really unexpected. We chatted all the way to the ground transportation area. She was there for business and I was in a hurry, so we exchanged emails and went our separate ways. MAN! I still can't get over that happening!

I'd already made up my mind that I was taking a cab due to the tight schedule and the valet put me in one and off I went. The cab driver was AMAZING. I'm pretty sure he took us directly through a teleportation wormhole. That was the fastest I ever (EVER!) have traveled from the airport to the Rio. He was AMAZING. I tipped him outrageously, as he deserved.

I got the bellman to hold my suitcase, got my con registration, and found my friends! WHEEEEE! (Over the course of the weekend, I met and reconnected with SO MANY amazing fangirls. Here are just a few that I can recall off the top of my head: annkiri, loveisimmortal, fangasmspn, juice817, sleepypercy, fiercelynormal, tebtosca, dolnmoon, waterofthemoon, clex_monkie89...who else? I don't even know! ALLTHE FANGIRLS.)

I'd expected to be too late for that day's guests but was in time for evening autographs. I kind of flailed as I'd brought nothing for Saturday people to sign. I finally just pulled a notebook out of my purse and had them sign that. Mark Sheppard was in a good mood and told the person in front of me that he was tired. I asked if he was tired from all the cardio and he said, "DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME" in that wonderfully exasperated Crowley voice.

Then, was Sebastian Roche. A delight. I adore him. Becca mentioned something to him about opera, which he apparently sang in his panel. I outted her as an opera director and they chatted for a few seconds. He said opera people were crazy, he knew because he'd lived with a singer for five years. He was (jokingly) clear that SHE was the crazy one, NOT him! We agreed and laughed, and moved along.

Mark Pellegrino was last and I have no recollection of talking to him so I'm sure it was a pleasant, non-descript exchange.

We did eat. MMMMMM. Then we went back for the Saturday Night Special, which I always love, just in general. Gil sang Thinking Out Loud while wearing a suit. Jason and Rob did Hallelujah as a duet, which still gives me chills. After awhile, we noticed the bodyguards starting to come out -- I just assumed they were for Jared and Jensen.

AS YOU NOW KNOW. Jensen brought Jeffery Dean Morgan out on stage to introduce Jensen singing Sister Christian. It. Was. AMAZING. I cannot even begin to explain the energy or excitement and I'm not going to try. You've seen the vids. The vids didn't get it. It was truly like nothing I ever have experienced. After the show ended, we just all stood there staring at each other. At some point, someone asked for a hug and we did a group one. You could look out over the entire audience and just see random groups of people staring at each other and occasionally having group hugs. It was like none of us knew how to process what we'd just experienced. It will forever be one of my top life moments.

So anyway, here are the deets I can remember on my autos and pics from Sunday:

I had a big mug with a moose on the side that I brought for Jared, Jensen, and Jeff to sign. Jeff's panel was SO GOOD and he seemed very comfortable. Let us not forget that he read porn out loud. After asking someone to fetch his reading glasses. Ugh, I love him. LOVE. HIM.

His auto was first and I handed him the mug. He was perplexed but said, "OK! I like moose!" I told him that was Jared's nickname and he laughed. As he signed, I noticed he had a tattoo of a long-barreled gun on the inside of his left forearm. I asked if it was the gun from Supernatural. He said no, but that it looked like it, right? He went on to say that it was actually the gun from a movie he'd done called Salvation. He said, "You know how it is. You go out with the guys, have too many drinks, you wake up the next morning and there it is...a tattoo!" I laughed so hard, he was so sincere and adorable. Then I said, "Thank you sir" and walked away. I immediately went to Becca and was like "OMG I JUST CALLED JDM SIR." Good gravy. That still embarrasses me.

For the life of me, I can't remember what we talked to Jensen about in autographs. I'm sure it was about him singing the night before. Or possibly about JDM. Or, maybe I just stared at him.

Jared was super sick at Vegas. He told his meet-and-greet that he'd been up all night puking. Think about that, and then think about how amazing he was in panels and photo opps and how he still made time to smile and talk to every single fan. Incredible. For his auto, I thanked him for being there, even though he didn't feel well. He smiled big and said it was his pleasure. He kind of wriggled in his seat and said, "My body is hurting but my mind is alive!" It was just so sweet. He'd put on a thick sweatshirt and a scarf and different beanie, he just looked miserable. Made me love him even more, honestly. He asked if he could sign right ON the moose and I said of course!

For pics, Jensen always is first. He was in a good mood and gave me a hug. My tweet right after says: Photo opps with Jensen were fast as always. He was sweet, smiled big, gave me a hug.

Next were duos, which Becca and I always do together. I stand next to Jared and he reached over and rubbed my back. I was PRETTY SURE I'd actually panted with my tongue out when that happened, but thankfully it was not captured in the actual photo. My two tweets after said: For photos Jared put on an #AlwaysKeepFighting t-shirt, black and white flannel, and his leather jacket. HUMINA. and Jared rubbed my back in duo opp. Pretty sure my tongue is out in the pic. For real. Oye. cherie_morte replied that was about the most Wendy problem to ever happen and I think she was correct.

loveisimmortal was posing reading the fangasmspn book and having the Jared and Jensen each look over her shoulder. In the Jared solo line, at the last possible second, she asked me to hold the book while she posed with Jared. This was a terrible error. You know how I panic around Jared! I really cannot be held responsible!!

Anyway, I posed, the camera clicked and I immediately said "I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed." No one else was saying anything and usually Chris catches that so I just handed off the book, snuggled up to Jared for my solo, looked at him and said, "I know my eyes were closed." He just looked deep into my eyes and said, "You were reading by osmosis!" A very kind response. I was thrown off and did not pose or compose my face or anything at all for that pic. *facepalm* Here's what the after-tweet said: Jared smelled amazing omg. Took off beanie for solos. Rubbed my back. Made me laugh. Basically, continued to be an amazing human.

While I was sad to only be there for such a short time, this sincerely was the best con I've been to. It just had such a cool air about the entire thing. Partly JDM and the entire cast's excitement about him being there. Partially because of the #alwayskeepfighting vibe running through everything. Mostly because Jared and Jensen are amazing. Always because fangirls are the very best people in the world.

It was incredible and I am so, so grateful I got to be part of it.

I also randomly want to mention that I also had a stellar cab driver when I left too! He was excited to hear I'd been at a con for a TV show (though he didn't watch) and wanted to discuss TV. His recommendations were Grimm and Tenth Kingdom, neither of which I watch, to his great disappointment. Also, he looked exactly like a young Ben Affleck.

Thank you Vegas, and good night!