February 20th, 2016

J2 Love in His Hands

I'm a good, good girl who could use a little company

So, I'm back from Houston and have survived a rough week, and starting today I'm trying to get back into some better routines and healthier behaviors. Believe it or not, that includes reading LJ and answering my email. So! Let's see what happens!

I'm going to do a mini-life update now and I will make my Houston recap later today. It was simultaneously one of the best (Jared, Jensen, fangirls, JARED) and worst (hotel, volunteers, wedding scouts) that I've ever attended. More on this later!

Some things that happened this week:

  • My parents left for a three week trip to Japan, China, Korea, and some other places in that area. One of my brother's oldest friends lives in Hong Kong and they got to spend a night with his family on Tuesday. I really want to send mom a Korean shopping list but so far I have resisted! (She would not be into that idea at ALL.)

  • Dexter was neutered yesterday and seems to be doing well. He missed the memo that he's meant to be calm for 48 hours though. He was adorably dopey when I picked him up yesterday evening but came alive in the night. He's running around like crazy and just a few minutes ago he climbed inside a box on my dining room table and knocked it off...while he was still inside. EERRGGHHH. KITTEN!! (I say that in two syllables -- KIT-TEN -- like Sheldon says WHEAT-TON on BBT.)

  • Still haven't read Captive Prince but it is legit on my To Do list for today.

  • Work tried again to move me to the same location they tried to move me to a few years ago. I still don't want to go there and they made it my choice this time, so I declined. Boss actually did a jaw drop, she was so surprised. But, I assure you, staying is the better option so that should give you some clue about why the new location is a huge NO.

  • I am deep in thought (seriously) about whether or not to take my gel nails off for awhile. All my nails are destroyed so I know they need a break. Every single one has broken down to the quick. On the other hand...Vegas is in three weeks. I DON'T KNOW.

  • I've had a lot of coffee. Consistently. Like, every day.

  • I hugged Jared Padalecki on Valentine's Day. *beams*

  • Dex is following the mouse arrow on my screen. This can't possibly end well.