February 21st, 2016


Houston Con 2016 -- finally!

So...Houston. Some of my favorite fangirls are in Houston, which is a special con bonus. I've decided not to complain about the hotel or volunteers because...what's the point? They were bad, it will only be at that location one more year (then the con moves to San Antonio), so we'll just skip that stuff.

Except I will tell you the horrible wedding scout story, which is impossible to share without volunteer bashing. Here it is:

Misha, Ruth, and Osric were all in one small room doing autographs. The way it was set up was MADNESS and required multiple lines that all crisscrossed through each other and a zillion people crammed into a very small space. I've never heard the words "fire marshal" mentioned so many times. They finally moved Osric out into the hotel lobby (like, next to the Starbucks kiosk...!!) and it helped only marginally.

Anyway, we were in the hallway waiting in yet another massive, crazy line, when a group of women and young girls (like elementary age) walked up with a hotel employee whose first language clearly was not English. They were scouting the location for a wedding and wanted to peek into the autograph room to see how they might use the space. The Creation volunteer finally agreed to let one women go in. She did and then quickly motioned to a second to join her. They pointed and looked for a minute and then called one of the young girls to them. At this point, they walk right up to Misha Collins, plunk down a photo, he signs it, the little girl freaks out, the ENTIRE LINE looks on completely stunned and then the group scoots out.

Y'all. They legit wormed their way in, didn't wait in line, got an autograph they didn't pay for, and then disappeared into the night. On the way out, my buddy spotted that one of them was holding a fake FBI badge. They were con goers...just not ones with autographs. And no volunteer said or did a thing!


But then I talked to Osric about kittens. ♥

The J2 panel was easily one of the top five I've ever seen. The boys were happy and funny and willing to joke and share. It was truly awesome.

I had a J2 photo and a Jared one. For the duo, Jared was wearing his beanie. I pointed at it and he took it right off and shook out his hair. I grabbed onto him (GUH) and turned back to Jensen and stuttered out "Big hug!" and he grabbed onto Jared around me and we all smiled. My hand came to rest on Jared's stomach (LALALA) and my hand was legit cupping one of his abs. It was rock hard and seriously stuck out from that flat belly by quite a bit. OMG. So hot. I reenacted it later for anyone who would pay attention!

For the Jared photo, I asked him what his favorite pose was. He said a hug because "It's Valentine's Day! Gotta spread the love!!" Yeeessss. I'm laughing in the pic and his arm is all caught in my hair and I'm all squished up to him and...*fans self*

For Jensen's autograph, he was distracted by the people in front of us who knew his former agent so we basically just said hi and thanks and got out of there. He always is kind and appropriate, but I don't think autos ever are a good time for Jensen!

Now, The Story You Have Been Waiting For. Jared's autograph. During our photo opp, I noticed he was wearing a rubber AKF bracelet. So, I asked him where I could get one like it. I honestly was expecting him to say they'd be part of his next campaign. But he didn't. Instead, he looked at me for a second and then took his off and said, "Here!" I was like "Nonono I don't want YOURS" because I didn't want him to think I meant GIMME YOURS. But then I realized that I was being rude and also I DID want his! He said, "It's OK, take it, I have several others." I just sat there kind of blinking at him. He said, "Seriously, you take it. Whatever helps you to keep fighting." He stretched it out and actually put it onto my wrist. I just kept saying "Are you sure? Thank you!!" and then finally I could feel the tears about to start so I said thank you again and moved away.

My friends were like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED." I went and sat back in my seat and legit put a t-shirt over my face and just sat for a second. I was so overwhelmed! It was an incredibly kind, generous, and spontaneous gesture. I seriously don't even have the right words to explain how it made me, and still makes me, feel.

Jared will forever own my heart. The way he looks is partly why. His laughter and personality are partly why. His love for family and friend is partly why. And the way he treats his fans is partly why. He shared himself in a way that was completely unnecessary and that fact made it even more impactful.

fangasmspn says we're basically married now. I think she's right!

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