February 23rd, 2016

Heart for You!


On my last day off, I cleaned out all my makeup, skin care products, and various samples. I packed everything unopened and discarded into five Birchbox-sized boxes and sealed them shut.

Want one? It's potluck but I'd love to share the goodies. (They're quite heavy so no international on these, sorry guys.)

I also have five cards and five one postcards. Want one of those? (International or in the states.)

Let's recap. I am sending happy mail. Five Two packages of random crap, five cards, and five two postcards. 15 things total.

If you want one, leave your name and mailing address in comments (which are screened) and tell me which thing you want. When I reach the limit I'll update this post. Keep claiming until then.

Won't you please make my week better by helping me to do this? COMMENT! ♥

ETA: All claimed! Thank you friends! ♥