February 29th, 2016

Heart for You!

I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly

I finally finished Captive Prince and it was so good and so amazing and I am OBSESSED all over again. I seriously want to start re-reading it right now. B and I already have plans to lie in bed together in Vegas and read our favorite passages aloud.

I am having serious hair angst y'all. My longtime, most favorite ever hairdresser is cutting back her hours and is never available when I am and FRANKLY it's becoming a real pain to try and see her. Her daughter is taking over some of her hours and she is lovely and has done my hair before, but...I don't like her enough to make her my new hair person. SIGH. I hate having to find a new hairstylist! Gah. DON'T WANT TO.

I've have had a lovely two days off (yesterday and today) and, believe it or not, actually got tons accomplished. When I get out here in a bit and fulfill my craving for a cherry Sonic slush, it will be a glorious bonus! I love time off like this, when I'm happy and productive and content.

I've also spent TONS of time cuddling with Dex, who my mom now continuously refers to as Prince Dexter. He was exactly what I needed, I just didn't know it.

Getting ready to head to Vegas in a little over a week and I'm excited because I am arriving a day early and will get to actually relax with my friends for a bit. Which will be good since we get Daylight Savings Time while we're there and will lose an hour of precious, precious sleep. *gulp*

Worth it. Onward!