June 29th, 2016

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Wait, there was a day when lots of people posted pictures of kittens and I MISSED IT?! NOOOO!!! I need a day full of kittens!

Last week I joined my parents in North Carolina and we had a lovely few days together. Ever since reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson about 100 years ago, I've wanted to step foot on the Appalachian Trail, which I finally did. We had intended to actually hike it for a bit but it was burning hot and both my parents have gotten fairly frail so we took a few photos and then I convinced them to adjourn for ice cream instead. :) It was lovely.

We also toured Biltmore, which was super cool. Again though, it was really, really hot and that tarnished the experience a bit. I'm just not used to being in places without AC!

On the various plane trips, I listened to the audiobook version of The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt. It was REALLY good (I cried on the plane...twice), I truly cannot recommend it enough. I also suggest you listen to the audio, even if that isn't something you normally do. Cooper and Vanderbilt narrate it and to hear 91-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt tell stories about her life, in her own voice, full of emotion....it added so much.

While scrolling through Insta on the trip, I'm pretty certain I saw a picture of JJ putting makeup on Jensen. ♥_♥

Heading to the doc in a bit for the yearly physical required by my insurance and then I get Cheesecake Factory tonight! Oreo cheesecake will be MINE!

Addison and Drew are arriving Saturday, though they'll be at camp for the next two weeks after that. Hope I get to see them at some point though. I'm already planning to call out (shhh) the day they're done so I can be there to pick them up from camp. Can't wait! I already have care packages ready to mail them!

49 days.