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Really super sad to hear about blindfold_spn closing. I know that anon commenting has its place, but...I've yet to see an instance where it was the norm and someone didn't take it to the edges of acceptability. It's like, people's names aren't attached so they think they aren't responsible for what they say, that the comments have a different weight somehow. It's both baffling and boggling to me.

Alas. Sadness.

Last night I dreamed that affectingly, tjournal and beckaandzac and I went shopping at some high-end, very expensive department store. They kept yelling at me for touching the cashmere. But then we did a Project Runway-style fashion show in the dressing room. That part was awesome!

Work is going to be challenging. We had two people transferred to other locations, (a clerk and a library assistant), and one of our pages is starting maternity leave today. I...don't even know how we can function while down three people, but administration says not only CAN we, but that we'll probably also lose another clerk in the next six months. *flails around* WHY, WHHHYYYYYY.

On the up side, this morning I am going to sit in on a movement-based story time that one of my buddies at another location does. (Tagline: for the young and restless) I am STOKED to see what she does and how I can steal it!

*waves hands around* I don't even know. Life in general. Etc.
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