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and it feels like coming home

So, AS YOU KNOW, recently a whole crew of us spent a weekend in Dallas "researching" stuff to do during wincon. It was AMAZING and awesome and excellent and a serious BLAST.

This morning affectingly made posts here on livejournal and here on the Wincon blog.

Both those links have TONS of pictures, so if you want to see the hotel, some fun stuff in Dallas, amazing food, lots of drinks, etc., etc., etc....go there.

If you want to see pictures of fangirls being adorable, click the cut below!

Here is me and vorpalblades fiiinally getting ready to eat after they'd starved me for HOURS.

waterofthemoon, wendy and affectingly hanging out in the hotel lobby. (Sense a trend?)

affectingly and vorpalblades looking drunk adorable.

beckaandzac and wendy at Spaghetti Warehouse. See that notepad? I was forcing Becka to take notes on a fic idea where Jensen orders both pizza and a hooker but then Jared shows up and Jensen is unsure which thing he's there for. That fic should exist RIGHT NOW, don't you think???

beckaandzac, wendy and waterofthemoon being dorky in Dallas. It was cold the day we explored and warm the rest of the weekend. Go figure.

My favorite picture:
beckaandzac, affectingly and waterofthemoon. SO MANY HEARTS.

Can it be wincon-time NOW? Pleeeeeaseee?????
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