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Friends, I need fashion help. First, I have a pair of brown pants. They tend more towards red-brown than chocolate brown. Do you know what I mean? I have no clue what to wear with them. Thought? I am fully aware that brown is a neutral but everything I attempt to put with them looks weird. Ideas?

Second, can I wear grey boots with black pants and a black shirt? If not, then see above question but replace "brown pants" with "amazing grey boots."

THIRDLY, I want one of those wicked-awesome off-the-shoulder shirts that seem to be so in right now....the kind you wear a tank under. I LOVE them! Usually trendy stuff hits the thrift stores pretty quickly, but as yet...nope. Where can I get one that is super cute and dirt cheap? Links please!

Now I have a ton of links to share.

  • 20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships: Applicable to all kinds of relationships, including LJ ones.

  • Cakes Throughout U.S. History [INFOGRAPHIC]: Amazing.

  • Social Media Explained With Donuts

  • 12 Relationship Truths We Often Forget: Excellent article.

  • 18 Ways To Inspire Everyone Around You

  • Pewter Baking Tin and Miniature Measuring Spoons: I WANT this. I only wear one necklace, but I'm wondering if I could make this into a zipper pull? That seems possible.

    There is a blogger, Lil Blue Boo, who I read religiously and just adore. She has an incredible Choose Joy attitude (if you're interested, you can click on her side bar to find out why), she inspires me with her creativity and positive attitude every single day.

    She also has cancer. Some friends are doing an online auction to help with her medical expenses. The information is here if you're interested in contributing.

    Anyway, the video of Ashley shaving her hair off impacted me like little else. It doesn't seem much like a moment for choosing joy, does it? Yet, she manages. Please watch this video. I know, you're thinking, "That sounds awful, I do NOT want to see it." But you're wrong, you do. Choose Joy. Get inspired. It's truly amazing.

    Happy Sunday y'all! Fandom recs coming shortly in a separate post...
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