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Last Sunday, I made some toast and accidentally set it on fire. This actually happens to me a lot because I make my own bread, so it never slices evenly, and I like it VERY toasted. So, if I'm not paying attention, the thinner bits burn.

Anyway, I was doing a dozen things all at once and when I blew out the fire, the smoke still had time to hit the smoke alarm. This house has those HORRIBLE smoke alarms that all are wired into the house, so when one goes off, they all go off and the light blink and the whole shebang. It's awful. ALSO AWFUL, is that I am short. So, I got my step stool and climbed up, but even so, I barely could brush it with my fingertips. (I have since remembered that I usually use a broom handle to punch the little button that turns it off, but I was panicked by actual fire and forgot.) I finally managed to snag the whole darn thing and rip it down. ARGH.

So THEN, I go back to the toaster to retrieve the charcoal toast and as I reach out....that's when I notice the blood. EVERYWHERE. When I pulled the smoke alarm down, I guess I sliced my finger...my right index finger, which as I'm sure you can imagine, is super convenient! I hadn't noticed right away and so I dripped blood alllll over my kitchen. No kidding, SO MUCH BLOOD. If they ever bring a black light into my kitchen, I'm going to jail.

And so, I bandaged it all up and moved on. But it still isn't healed and I'm pretty sure I should have had a stitch or two in it. It's too late now, of course. Whoops. And it HURTS.

Also, my fingertips on all ten fingers are...gah. So dry. They crack and split and it hurts A LOT. Currently, I also have these fissures on my right thumb and middle finger.

So, basically I am CRIPPLED and have one hundred band aids on my right hand. I bought yet more super lotion and some hydrocortisone that I have been faithfully rubbing into my fingertips every few hours. (Although, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to actually keep lotion ON YOUR FINGERTIPS.)

Life, you are never dull.

P.S. I just attempted to spellcheck this entry and it came back that every single word is misspelled. Every. Single. One. 0_o

P.P.S. I now am going to re-read Monogatari and try to work the mouse using only my left hand. Wish me luck!
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