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the thunder clouds rolled and the critics stormed

1. So, I promised to send emails to people in February, and then wasn't in the right head space and have managed to send NONE, and I am very sorry. I will try to do them in March instead. But, please don't think I don't love you because you signed up but didn't get an email. I do love you, promise!

2. I've been thinking a lot lately about the word "extraordinary". Google says it mean unusual or remarkable. But I like the fact that it's extra + ordinary. So often, I think, people feel that ordinary is bad. It's not. And being EXTRA ordinary means you have unusual greatness. I kinda love that a great deal.

3. Also been thinking a ton about how people who live extraordinary lives...don't know it. History just tells us in retrospect. Great men and women get up every day and eat breakfast, or feel depressed, or spend too much money...but then they touch a life or make a difference and that's what they get remembered for. I could be living a life of GREAT SIGNIFICANCE right now and have absolutely no clue. It's kind of boggling to think about, really. I also find it incredibly empowering.

4. Normally I make the spn_j2_bigbang check in and first line post on March 1. But this year, I will be on a plane that day! So, I'll have to postpone a week. Alas. Will people be ok with this, do you think?

5. Speaking of taking a trip...I STILL have no idea what to have these people autograph. I remember when I used to have tons of neat-o ideas and would print out five pictures to choose from...and now? Now I'm just like...DVDs again, I guess. SIGH. I want a good idea!

6. My icons are in ABC order again! REJOICE.

7. Just realized yesterday that I'm going to a baby shower Sunday night and will thus be missing the Oscars. I'm a little bummed as I love looking at the fashion. But, this also is the first year that I've seen ZERO of the movies nominated and, even more so, don't really care about them. Also, there should be cake at the shower, so.

8. Also on Sunday, my mom and I are going to see Being Elmo, which I am very excited about. I read Kevin Clash's bio in January, and it was excellent.

9. I love that I can wear jeans to work on Saturdays. No matter how stressful the week is, wearing jeans to work on Saturdays makes it all better. Here it is, only Friday and I'm already anticipating.

10. Starbucks really should deliver. Why doesn't that exist yet???
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