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Thank you so, so much to everyone who sent me DRAGONS. Exciting! If it's true that they come with bonus paid time attached (I have a perm account, so it doesn't change for me), then I urge you to...well, I can no longer find the link. There used to be a way to see when all your flist's journals expired, but that's either gone or I just can't find it. (Both are possible.)

ANYWHOO. The first six people to comment will get a dragon (and, I assume, paid time) from me. The catch is that your LJ must be set to expire within 2012.

Got it? Ok! Let's DO THIS.

ETA: Well, now I'm reading that there isn't paid time attached anymore. Y'all, I do not know. ALL THE SAME. Still comment and we can at least TRY.
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