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Burbank Con 2012

This year's con was the best so far. I don't understand how they just keep getting better! Not only were Jared and Jensen as amazing as always, but there was an overwhelming sense of community and pride from all of the actors on-site. They WANTED to be there this year, it was more than just a paycheck. And it showed in their performances, their interactions with fans, and in the fact that they all drug their own friends along too!

Every year annkiri writes a stellar recap of the con and our time together and I just link it. But it only occurred to me yesterday that she probably won't be able to this year. Alas. Still, y'all have probably seen vids, right? What were your faves? I'd love to discuss/see links! (I especially want vids of Rick's on-stage kiss. For reasons. THIS HAS TO EXIST SOMEWHERE, RIGHT??)

I also want to mention that during Gabe's panel, he told a story about how he thinks Pranks is the perfect name for a cat. So, then when the cat gets into cat-shenanigans, you can just say, "Oh, Pranks!" This became a thing for Becca and I throughout the weekend. I even tweeted it to Gabe and he replied. (AHHHH!!!! *exhale*) I totally need it on an icon...Oh Pranks!

ANYWHOO. This year I decided not to take pictures as they always turn out crappy anyway, and my camera is heavy. Instead I tweeted all the panels, which was pretty fun. You can see all of that here.

And now I will tell you the con stories that are unique to me...

First, on Saturday, Guy Norman Bee spoke and was awesome. He was set to sign autographs on a complimentary basis for everyone, but for whatever reason, only actually DID for about 30 minutes. By the time I finished with the other celebs, he was just walking around the main ballroom talking to people. So, I wandered by to ask him if he was done (could just be taking a break, right?) and he was all...I'll do one for you! and grabbed the card I was having people sign and autographed it. I thanked him for being there and said how much we enjoyed hearing about the show from his perspective. He went on to tell me a little about how he'd convinced Sam to join him on-stage. I said something about how cool and incredible it was that people (meaning the celebs) had all brought buddies with them this year and he told me that Matt had been bugging him for weeks to show up at Friday night karaoke. So, when he got there, he intended it to be a surprise. But when he walked into the Green Room, HE was the one who was shocked by seeing all the non-SPN celebs who had showed up to play, some of whom he is old friends with.

By this point, I am quietly DYING inside at the awesomeness of this conversation and willing myself not to pull out my phone and start tweeting it that very instant. He went on to say that the SPN Family is just so lucky because there was not an asshole in the bunch, every single person was amazing. I smiled big, thanked him and moved on as an informal line was starting to develop.

OK, next up, Sunday stuff!

Pictures with Jensen were first, as always. Ooohhhhh you guys. Even for Jensen, he was looking especially smoking hot. I asked him how his morning was going and he said "GREAT!" and pulled me up close for the picture. After, I thanked his for being there and he softly patted my back while we chatted for a sec. *swooooon*

Back into the queue I went for the duo pic, which annkiri and I always do together. Becca is a tall girl -- I mean she's a normal size, not an amazon lady or anything, but she fits with the tall boys. I am a short pipsqueak and do not. So, when we walked up to the boys, I made some crack about being short and Jared was all...I WILL SQUISH DOWN, and you can see in the picture that he's bending one knee almost all the way to the floor. Pretty amazing! And, while I'm sure he's sick of that joke, every year his reaction makes me laugh and you can tell in the pic and I love that.

For Jared's pics...yes. BEST. First, he was wearing this weird, sort of floppy plaid shirt. It was in everyone's way. Sort of hilarious, really. Anywhoo, when we were about two people back, I heard Jared say that he was going to be in Austin this summer. I said he should call us, and he started laughing and asked when we were going back. My brain was melty at this point and I was like, "We live there!" and he clarified, "No, when are you flying back...tonight? Tomorrow?" I said "Oh! Monday!" By this point, we were having our picture taken, and he paused mid-sentence for that -- you can tell in the pic -- and then he put his hand on his heart and so sincerely said, "PLEASE eat some Whataburger for me." I was like "Of course!" He said it again, "Please. You have to promise." I promised that we would. Then I told him good luck with the baby and he broke into a HUGE smile, said thanks, and winked at me.


For autographs, the boys were in a huge hurry to finish and make their flights, so everything was rushed. There also was some weird plan-making tension with Clif passing messages between the two guys. (We think Jared needed to stop by his house for something on the way to the airport as we heard Jensen mention that it was on the way, but that could be made up in our heads, I don't know.)

I asked Jensen if that was the first time he'd ever put his face into a cake and he said, "I'd like to say yes." I laughed and he said, "Anything for comedy, right?" I agreed and we were swept away by the line.

Since I got such a great story from Jensen last year, I wanted to ask Jared this year what the craziest thing a fan ever had him sign was. He instantly said, "Skin. Her stomach. For a tattoo." (Pause to note: Interesting in light of Jensen's answer, just saying!) I said something about that being a little creepy and he was all.."Eh, what can you do?" and then annkiri asked if he was going to be in Austin this summer for work and he said (and I quote), "No, we have a house there, we live in Austin." Then Becca and I thanked him for being there and moved out of line just far enough to clutch at each other and try not to hyperventilate within his eyeline.

WE HAVE A HOUSE THERE, WE LIVE IN AUSTIN. *flails around* I also sort of love that he wants to raise his kid there. So amazing. So much love.

During the J2 panel, Jared also choked up talking about the St. Jude's donations and mentioned that he and Gen will be matching whatever the final total is. It was such a nice, sincere moment. You could tell he was truly touched and grateful. Jensen too. This whole bit was overshadowed by the birthday cake being brought out right on top of it, so I just wanted to repeat it in hopes that it isn't lost in people's minds. Our boys are THE BEST.

And, I can't end this without mentioning how amazing it always is to be surrounded all weekend by fangirls. I loved everyone I got to see and hang out with...I even made a buddy in the airport shuttle! You guys truly mean the world to me.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful experience. I can't wait for next year in Las Vegas!!

AND I WANT ICONS FROM THE CON. Where are they?? *grabby hands*
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