I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Hi Fandom, HI!

Hey guys! I wanted to do just a little pimp for the autograph giveaway. It was posted a week ago, and I've gotten tons of great feedback, but...thus far only one person has actually given me a link to a fandom work.

I admit I find this both confusing and disappointing as TONS of great things have been posted in the meantime. Perhaps I was too vague in my efforts to be inclusive?

This is by NO MEANS a complete list, but here are so ideas of projects that would "count":
  • Fic
  • Art
  • Icons
  • Picspam
  • Con pics
  • Meta
  • Episode review
  • Cookies you made that have Sam's face on them (Please mail directly yo ME, thanks.)
  • Love meme
  • Songs
  • Random thing you read that reminded you of SPN or CW RPS
  • Media share
  • Rec list
  • Vids
  • Hosting a comment meme/challenge/bunny party


    All you have to do is go to this post and drop me a link to your SPN OR CW RPS-thing in comments. If you post ten things, leave ten separate comments. It is THAT EASY.

    If you see others posting things but not leaving links...tell them!

    Also, I have had two people tell me they don't really keep autographs. That's ok! I promise you, SOMEONE wants these! If you are a non-autograph person, pass them on to some other fangirl. Cut 'em up for decoupage. Post them on Ebay! Donate them to the wincon auction. You win 'em and they are yours to do with as you'd like. This also includes stuffing them in a drawer, framing them to hang on your wall, or sleeping with them under your pillow. They belong to you, and you can do with them whatever you'd like.

    OK? Make sense? Soothe any lingering anxiety? Now, let's see a RUSH of SPN and CW RPS activity in the next two weeks! Leave me links!!
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