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Oh you guys. Life continues to be so busy I can't breathe. I struggle between needing a day off to rest and a day off to get things DONE. Yesterday I swore I only was going to rest. Well, rest and do the dishes. Well, rest, do the dishes and bake muffins. OKOKOK, rest, do the dishes, bake muffins, and set up my new printer. ETC. In the end, I guess I rested while I watched the Project Runway finale at 9 p.m. My day of rest frankly was exhausting.

Some things:

  • This morning I ran across the hotel lotion I snagged during mini-Wincon. Just the smell makes me miss affectingly and beckaandzac.

  • I painted my nails this awesome green-blue. I'm totally digging it.

  • Leftover heavy cream in my morning tea is not as tasty as I'd hoped it'd be.

  • I am seeing Hunger Games Saturday night!

  • Sunday, my BFF and her son are going to see another friend and her daughter in a play. I am excited!

  • Jared has a BABY.

  • It always makes me feel so productive when the washing machine and dishwasher are running at the same time. Silly since the machines do the actual work and I do nothing but feel smug!

  • Been struggling with depression and anxiety the last week or so. I really wish I knew what sets this stuff off, but I do not. Working constantly on managing it.

  • I desperately need a new bookshelf -- just for cookbooks.

  • Tonight (or possibly tomorrow), I am going to make a new play list to listen to on the way to work. Any suggestion of what should be on it?

  • Ann Rule has a new book out! So does Anne Lamott!

  • Does anyone order medicine via the mail? My insurance has a mail order pharmacy and it is HUGELY cheaper to use it. But I have concerns about my meds sitting in the mailbox in 100 degree temps. Thoughts?

  • What was the last awesome thing you bought solely because you WANTED it?

    ACK! I'm late. Why does time move so faaaast?
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