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I have been so tired lately, not sure what's wrong with me. I feel pretty good in the mornings, and then by evening I am just DEAD. Saturday night I went to the movies (in the evening, after work) and by the time I got home, I literally was nauseated, I was so exhausted. BLAH.

Anywhoo...as mentioned, I worked Saturday and then went to the movies. Hunger Games -- it was awesome. (Though for some of the odder camera angles, I kept hearing annkiri in my head saying, "Choices were made.") Came home took a quick shower and crashed immediately.

Sunday I got up and made cupcakes (chocolate chip with chocolate frosting) to take to my BFF and her family. They were excited. *grin* This happened:

BFF to youngest son: What do you want for dinner.
Matt: Cupcake.
BFF: OK, but what do you want before the cupcake?
Matt: More cupcakes.


She and I and her oldest son went to see a play put on by a local group. One of our very old friends that we knew from our summer camp days was in the play, along with her husband and daughter. I truly have not seen them in about six years, in fact the last time I saw the baby, she literally was an infant and now she's SEVEN. Gaaaaaah. Anyway, Lily now looks EXACTLY like her mother and that made me so proud and pleased for some reason.

After, I went back to BFF's house to hang out and chat for a bit, and to see her husband who I ADORE. (Really, Roy and I would be friends regardless, I think.) So, we talked for awhile and had cupcakes and let the boys play, and then decided to go to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner.

It was hilarious having dinner with a mom and kids though. All the bread is magically cut! Heee. Fun.

Apparently, Jordan went through a recent phase where he kept saying "God damn it" all the time. That does not fly in their household, so they were quick to make him stop. One day Jordan was REALLY MAD and he said it again. His Dad told him no more and that if he really was super frustrated, he could say "doggone it" instead. So, the next day:

Jordan: God damn it!
BFF: What did you father tell you to say instead of that?
Jordan: *sigh* Puppy Damn it!

COME ON NOW. That's maybe the best thing I have heard in a long time. PUPPY DAMN IT. I love that kid.

So anywhoo, I came home after that and started some laundry and took a shower, and even though it only was 9:30 p.m., I was already very tired, so I read a chapter from the John Green book I am re-reading and the went to bed.

I accomplished nothing on my day off but had a very good time, so I suppose that counts as a success. :)

This morning I saw a tweet from Jared in which he refers to his baby as "Thomas" and I sort of love it A LOT that they're using the full name. So sweet.
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