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the day you left was just my beginning

There were three posts between when I went to bed last night, and now. THREE!! I refuse to give up LJ y'all. I know you're out there. Comment, post, play with meeee!

Yesterday I read a bunch of awesome fic and last night I had a dream starring me and a random guy, which -- I'm pretty sure -- was an AU of an AU I read. 0_0

Got some GREAT news last night, which is pretty much making my life today. I have the best friends.

I had some leftover heavy cream from some cupcakes I made last week, so I used it in my blueberry muffins and they turned out DIVINE. *two thumbs up*

What are you up to? I probably don't know, so tell me everything! I want to know about your life, but also anything fun you've read, seen, heard, eaten, bought, whatever! Rec me stuff in general!


P.S. Any amazing new icons?
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