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if I took you home it’d be a homerun

I am sick and stressed and generally still not in a very good place. But, I'm working on it. All will be well eventually.

Some things:

  • Being sick is pretty much the worst.

  • Had a very nice Easter with my family.

  • PLEASE don’t forget to go here and tell me allll about what you’ve done for fandom lately. I counted last night and there are 21 links in the comments. OUTSTANDING. But I know you guys have done more. Lemme have it! *grabby hands* I’ll close it up April 15, so you still have time. DO IT.

  • Go here and tell me some of the best experiences you’ve ever had in fandom.

  • You should go check out the Wincon Tumblr. Pretty and fun!

  • All I really want to do is go home and lie in bed and read some more on insertcode11’s BB from last year. It KILLS me that she isn’t writing for me fandom anymore.

  • Have lots of things I want to cook. Too tired. Alas.

  • Work has become stressful and unhappy-making and I do not like it.
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