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and the winner is...

Massive thanks to everyone who participated in the autograph giveaway. I love seeing what people are doing for fandom and being exposed to new things. We have such a creative fandom y'all!

Under the cut is a quick and dirty list of every link that was entered. PLEASE browse through and see what you might have missed. There's some good stuff out there!

  • A Fandom Story in Pictures by dolnmoon

  • Dean/Cas comment fic by hobnailedboots

  • Super cool SPN jewelery made by beadslut

  • Sam/Lucifer comment fic by hobnailedboots

  • Castiel-centric comment fic by hobnailedboots

  • J2 fic by obstinatrix

  • TFLN Comment Fic Meme hosted by juice817

  • Out With the Old episode review by kimberlyfdr

  • picspam of the motels of Supernatural (S4) by ash48

  • Rec Post by enablelove

  • J2 Fic by bertee

  • J2 Podfic by yourrighteye

  • Demon!Dean Recs by yourrighteye

  • J2 Fic by bertee

  • Gen SPN Podfic by tsuki_no_bara

  • Art of Dean cuddling kitty!Sam by locknkey

  • Born Again Identity Episode Review by kimberlyfdr

  • Sam/Dean Fic by akintay

  • Sam and Dean Easter Bunny Chibis by angelicfoodcake

  • J2 Fic by enchanted_jae

  • Party On, Garth Episode Review by kimberlyfdr

  • Sam/Dean Podfic by yourrighteye

  • Sam/Logan fic by hunters_retreat

  • Dean/Jensen fic by hunters_retreat

  • Sam/Dean fic by hunters_retreat

  • Music and Video by chibifrieza (Based on poetry by kalquessa)

  • SPN Vid by ash48

  • SPN Icons by weesta

  • Dean picspams (here and here) by weesta

  • Sam and Jess art by clex_monkie89

  • Sam/Dean/Jo Art by clex_monkie89

  • SPN Meme and Meta by clex_monkie89

  • SPN Song by chibifrieza

  • Castiel and Jimmy podfic and Balthazar and Crowley podfic by emerald_embers

  • J-Squared Wedding Themed Fic Meme hosted by enablelove

    There were 35 total links left on the sign-up post. I assigned each comment a number (in the order they were left) and then moseyed over to a random number generator found via google. Here's what came up:

  • For the Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles autos: hunters_retreat

  • For the Kim Rhodes, Chad Lindberg, Rob Benedict, Guy Norman Bee, Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight, Jr., Rick Worthy, Matt Cohen, and Misha Collins autos: ash48

    Congrats! Please message me your mailing addresses and I'll get your packages mailed off this week.

    I wish I was able to give something to everyone who participated. I hadn't anticipated feeling so protective of you all! If you entered here and you want a Texas postcard, let me know! It's not a famous person's autograph but...it's fun mail? I don't know, I'm trying here! *grin*

    Love you guys, love fandom, love the amazing, creative people who play in this sandbox. ♥
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