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Saturday evening, I went to a birthday party for a one-year-old. It was so fun! I know both his parents via the Youth Center, so there were tons of people I know from work there, as well as a billion of their family and friends. It really was fun. And Max, of course, was adorable. They asked for donations to the food bank instead of gifts, so that was neat too -- there were no presents and the baby just got kisses and coos instead of junk.

Instead of a smash cake, they gave him a cupcake and he proceeded to stuff the ENTIRE THING into his mouth. It was pretty much amazing.

It also was really cool to see these people just...being themselves. There was a large gay contingency there (Max's parents are lesbians) and it was so neat to meet their significant others and see people (straight or gay) just being themselves, all relaxed and dressed in non-work clothes. (One guy showed up in Converse and bondage cuffs -- I may never recover.)

ANYWAY, again I was struck my the fact that I was in a house full of amazing, interesting, fun people. Loved it!

Sunday, I started coding the claims posts for spn_j2_bigbang. In all the years it's been running, this is the first time I've ever done them, can you believe it? And, if I have my druthers, it'll be the last too. AHHH. But still...STORY SUMMARIES. ♥_♥ I want to read everything immediately.

Then, I made these THING that are basically Reeses peanut butter cups crammed between two hunks of homemade cookie dough and baked in muffin tins. Good, but weird. I'm hoping they firm up in the freezer. Then I made Oreo frosting and frosted some leftover Oreo cupcakes I had. (This stuff is all for a little celebration I'm having Wednesday at work, to celebrate my own one year anniversary of working there.)

Not for the party, but just for me, I also made these DIVINE southwest-style burritos. Uhhhh SO GOOD. I made a huge batch and stuffed those all in the freezer so I easily can heat and eat after work this week.

*dusts off hands*

I have found that I rarely can marathon-read fic and books at the same time. It has to be one of the other. At the moment, I'm onto books. Finished Wild yesterday and started Fifty Shades of Grey. Still reading Game of Thrones at work and am pretty sure I will be FOREVER.

I have been reading LJ faithfully but fell off the commenting bandwagon last week. Well do better moving forward. Promise!

Today I have to go to a meeting to discuss some promotional stuff for the library and just...I don't want to. I'm so over public relations, I left the profession, I don't want to do it anymore. And yet, here I am. And I know the Youth Services Coordinator is expecting big things and big ideas from me and...I just don't have any. SIGH. I feel this will not go well.

I am wendy_d1030 on Draw Something, come play me! I'm terrible and you'll have to pass a lot, but I have fun anyway!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Watch anything awesome? Eat something yummy? Read anything good? Anything worth sharing? Tell me allll the scoop, I want to know!

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