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where you think you're going, baby?

  • I have become addicted to Justin's Maple Almond Butter. It is so freaking GOOD. Be great if it didn't cost so much though. Also, if the one grocery store anywhere near me sold it, which they do not. SIGH. I can get it from Target but that involves a journey. ANYWHOO. Good stuff, I love it.

  • Read a thing about how social media actually increases loneliness. Very interesting, and it made a lot of sense to me. Same book also talked about how people don't actually need to BE left out in order to FEEL left out. This also seemed very relevant to my social media-life. (Disclaimer: these are not cryptic messages, just information I thought was interesting.)

  • Still reading Game of Thrones as my lunchbook. Pretty sure I will be reading it forever, it never enddddds. I'm enjoying it, but it's difficult to digest in only 30 minutes a day.

  • This was the very first year that no one emailed me on May 1 to complain that people in other time zones get extra time to work on their BB drafts and how that is super unfair.

  • I bought these address labels from an ad in the newspaper. (What??) I've done this before with good result, but this time they arrived with teeny tiny type. They're still usable and I'm much too cheap to buy new ones, so. If I send you mail, don't judge me on my address labels.

  • Finished Fifty Shades Darker last weekend. It inexplicably was even more awful than the first Fifty Shades book. I have to read the third one just to know how else she possibly can ruin these already-started-out-odd characterizations.

  • Things like this make me want to learn to sew. It's only a straight line, how hard can it be?? But then I think about having to buy a machine and it seems easier to just buy supplies and bribe an already skilled friend.

  • I may finally go get my new iphone today. It's my plan anyway. It means putting on pants, but I think actually leaving the house would be good for my sanity.

  • I also am baking brownies for a sundae party tomorrow. Good times!

  • Is LJ EVER going to fix the spellcheck???
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