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step one: we can have lots of fun

  • I am loving seeing all the pics and stories from the Upfronts! It makes me crazy-proud of our boys and our show and our fandom.

  • I am less happy that I thought this whole time that Arrow was about Justin Hartley's Green Arrow and it's NOT. I have been posting that in comments everywhere and it was a complete stranger who corrected me! Guuuys! Don't let me make dumb TV mistakes! *shameface*

  • Watched the Bones finale last night. Soooo good. And I feel it has a connection to my life since I deal with RFID tags every single work day.

  • I am CRAVING mac and cheese. Mmm, comfort food. What restaurant has the very best? I'm not going to buy it, I just want to fantasize about it.

  • I got my hair cut yesterday. It's shorter and blonder for summer. I like it!

  • I finally (FINALLY) finished the first Game of Thrones book. As several people told me, the ending was stellar. I had to get up and pace around my room for a bit after I finished. Not sure I need to rush out and start the next book ASAP, but the ending really did bring it home for me.

  • This morning I ate some plain Greek yogurt over sliced peaches, topped with almonds and honey. Sounds yummy, right? WELL. The peaches totally melted the yogurt. It was so unappetizing looking. Blech. Also? Sad.

  • I bought five rolls of washi tape...what should I do with it?

  • Hurting people hurt people. A good thing to remember. *firm nod*
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