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Sunday Recs

This really is more a link round-up than recs, I haven't been able to read much fic the last several weeks. All the same, enjoy! :)

  • Jensen confirms he'll direct again in season eight.

  • Jared and Jensen are nominated for Teen Choice Awards, so go register and vote for them!

  • Video of Jared talking about his son. His indignation at Thomas rolling over as soon as he left town is so sweet and adorable!

  • Sam Winchester Appreciation Post by ash48

  • Read yesterday that starting May 20, all six seasons of Dawson's Creek will be available for instant streaming on Netflix. If you have a young Jensen craving, you're all set!

  • In case you didn't see, the SuperWiki is selling fandom-related buttons. (See missyjack's post about it here.) I bought two of the Supernatural Family pins, one for my backpack and one for wincon.

  • Awesome story about Jared meeting a fan. I love how she described him as "just sitting there, all beautiful."

    Happy Sunday!
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