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LiveJournal, I need your help on two three important matters.

For some unknown reason, my father requested a tres leche cake for Father's Day. I'm pretty sure he's never had one before. I'm also pretty sure Alton Brown somehow is to blame.

About three years ago, I found and saved a recipe for tres leche cake, so figured I was set.

But now, I am wondering...I have a strong personal aversion to pure egg yolk, which is why I always cook with Eggbeaters (whites only), do you think this recipe would work with a standard from scratch white cake instead of this complicated egg separating and whipping and combining and blahblahblah? REALLY, it looks similar to Better Than Sex Cake, which usually is made with a boxed cake mix (which I do not use), so it seems like my own scratch cake might be ok.

Thoughts? Advice? Please help!!

SECOND. I bought a tiny little sign that says "hello" in cursive, it's about the size of my two hands with the fingers spread. I need to paint it, but of course do not have paint! Where can I buy a teeny amount of paint? Hobby Lobby, maybe? That just occurred to me!

I'm thinking maybe turquoise, which would look AMAZING, but I want to hang it by my front door and that definitely would not match,. so...I dunno. DECISIONS.

P.S. I need new music. Thoughts on that too?
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