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it's good to have goals

First of all, life cannot continue until I get a Chris Hemsworth icon. I NEED IT. Suggestions?

Second, I've been struggling with some things recently, it seems like I never have time to just think and so everything is muddled in my brain. On top of that, summer reading combined with my other summer duties is flat out kicking my butt. I am exhausted all the time.

And so, I have decided to focus very squarely on taking care of myself between now and September 1. (After that too, of course, but I need a defined amount of space in order to be successful.)

  • Focus more on journaling my actual thoughts and feelings.
  • See at least four movies in the theater. (Re-watch Avengers, Brave, TBD, TBD)
  • Watch Thor, Iron Man, and Iron Man 2.
  • Finally finish watching season one of Game of Thrones.
  • Work to incorporate more whole fruits and veggies into my daily diet.
  • Strictly go to bed on time, no exceptions.
  • Finally see the dentist for a cleaning, make a follow up appointment to get sore tooth filled, if needed. (Which, it will be.)
  • Clean off work desk and organise all the summer reading materials.
  • Clean out fridge and freezer.
  • Finish cleaning and organizing my master closet.
  • Spend day with D and her family at least once.
  • Visit J at least once.
  • Figure out ways to connect with the people I love (more postcards? emails? LJ comments? stalking?)
  • Take myself out for a milkshake.
  • Plan the thank you party in August for my co-workers.
  • Work on strengthening my nails and figuring out why they peel so badly.
  • Clean out home desk.
  • Read at least fifteen Big Bangs. (More, if possible.)
  • Make cupcakes for Dad.
  • Others things as they become needed.

    I've already started working on getting to bed on time again. Thus far, I'm still tired all the time, but I am hopeful that if I ever manage to catch up on my sleep deficit then I'll start feeling energy again.

    I also have already started making strides toward eating better again. For weeks I've been having a huge bowl of fresh, chopped up on the spot veggies and fruit for lunch, plus a piece of string cheese and some almond butter. It is DELICIOUS, totally satisfying and doesn't make me feel like I need to nap in order to survive the afternoon. Now, I just need to translate that into my other meals too...
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