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Today I was helping a co-worker check in some DVDs (long story) and I worked on some while he answered a phone call. When he came back, he asked if I'd done that pile yet and I said yes. The top several discs were SPN and so, this conversation happened:

Him: Oh, I see. You worked on these because your boy is on them.
Me: Yup.
Him: He has a SNAKE on his arm.
Me: I know, he was supposed to be evil that season.
Him: Was he actually evil? Or was it more of a....redemption-type thing?
Me: Oh he's never really evil, even when he's supposed to be. He's the prodigal son, the Jesus Christ figure, if you will.
Him: Hmmm. Is that why you like him?
Me: Oh no. I like him because of his abs. And his dimples. Good gracious...the DIMPLES.
Him: *throws up hands* *sighs loudly*

It amused me.

Yesterday I made cherry cupcakes with fresh cherries chopped up and mixed into the batter and they are INCREDIBLE.

Also, Mom and I went to check out the new Trader Joe's that just opened here. Super fun. Mom was most excited about looking at greeting cards and wine. (Note: she does not drink.) SIGH. But I came away with lots of yummy goodies including COOKIE BUTTER. Oh my goodness, so delicious!

Today a child introduced me to her father (normally her mom brings her to the library) by saying, "Hey Dad! This is MY Wendy!" I MAYBE MELTED.
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