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smile on your face even though your heart is frowning

Yesterday my BFF texted to ask what size semi-formal I wear. She was cleaning out her closet and didn't want to get rid of my size. Now THAT is a good friend!

Have y'all discovered quirky.com? It's SO COOL. Basically a collaborative effort to get new products released. (Loooove the cordy, have bought two already.) What I love most is that the box literally comes covered in the tiny names of everyone who contributed, as does the instruction book. I love that anyone can submit an idea. It's just a really cool thing. Go browse!

Made plans to spend Fourth of July with my parents but now I don't want to. *frets* ETA: I did talk to Mom and she convinced me to come for dinner. She's really annoying me and I don't know why. She isn't doing a thing at all wrong, and yet...

Just finished watching Iron Man. I originally saw it in the theater and was not a fan. I remember just absolutely thinking Tony Stark was a nonredeemable character. I dunno, I was very black and white in my younger days, I guess. I enjoyed it much more on this viewing. (To madame_d's relief, I am sure! *grin*)

Now I may make cupcakes. Or do laundry. Or read some fic. Who knows!
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