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Today a co-worker told me that one of his appliances had gone out -- I can't remember if it was a washer or the fridge or something else, but it definitely was Whirlpool brand -- and he felt he could fix it himself, so he ordered an $80 part directly from Whirlpool. It came and he'd ordered the wrong part. So, he called them up and Whirlpool helped him order the correct part and said they'd refund the cost of the old one. He asked where to ship it back and they said nonono, if you can't use it, please donate it directly to Habitat for Humanity.

Color me highly impressed. Go Whirlpool.

Tomorrow I am going to:

  • Sleep in.
  • Eat a delicious breakfast.
  • Read a Big Bang or two.
  • Watch Thor.
  • Consider (again) baking cupcakes. (I am having a baking block at the moment, I don't even know.)
  • Relax a lot.
  • Treat myself to Starbucks and possibly also ice cream.
  • Continue mainlining Bieber's new CD.
  • Wander over to my parents for a delicious dinner and possibly fireworks.

    A quote that changed my whole attitude today:

    The great virtue in life is real courage that knows how to face facts and live beyond them.
    --D. H. Lawrence

    This afternoon, a baby I love named Daniel visited the library. He and his mom always come during my lunch break and she sends someone to the back to get me because Daniel and I crush on each other so much that we get depressed if we can't snuggle. Today I learned that Daniel has learned how to blow kisses. Life as I know it is over. He owns me.

    Now I am going to take a shower and lie in bed reading magazines while the AC blows on my body. HEAVEN.
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