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If this a lesson baby, teach me to behave

I feel so ready to DO something, MAKE something, BECOME something...but I don't know what. In my mind, I picture it as a literal hill I'm climbing. And, when I get to the top I will be able to see everything clearly (literally and metaphorically). I just don't know what the WHAT is yet. That's the search, I suppose.

Had a fabulous Fourth of July with my family. Yesterday was pretty good. I can think of nothing exciting to tell you abut it except that I was exhausted and went to bed at 9:30 p.m. Today I have an exciting program at the library, which will take up my morning nicely.

Sunday is my day off. I have no plans other than to watch Captain America so that all of fandom will stop yelling at me!

I posted Bodyguard fic recs at spn_themes, if you have any interest in that.

Yesterday I read something that mentioned a "Dress to Get Screwed" costume party and now I'd like to read that as a J2 fic premise. PLEASE!! Come on people. *grabby hands* I am not above begging! Just THINK about what the boys could be wearing (or not wearing, as the case may be)... *mind wanders*

OK! Enough blathering! Tell me what projects and things you're working on right now. Inspire me to figure out my hill!
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