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I still believe in heroes.

OK, so I saw Avengers. And then Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and then, this afternoon, I saw Avengers again. After completing this circuit, there are some undeniable truths emerging...

Things I Understand Better:
  • Captain America's uniform!
  • Where the tesseract came from!
  • Why that thing with Coulson was so upsetting!
  • Why people ship Bruce/Tony! And Steve/Tony! And anybody/Tony!

    Things I still don't understand:
  • Why does Captain America not get a helmet!
  • Why can Loki not pause for a shower and shampoo!
  • Why does Thor INSIST on wearing clothes?!?!
  • Background on Black Widow and Hawkeye -- I feel like I missed a whole movie!
  • The Avengers scattered at the end, but...don't they all end up living in Stark Tower!?!?
  • Why am I still the only person alive who doesn't think the restaurant scene is HILARIOUS?
  • Seriously Thor...even short sleeves would be better! Flex those hammer-swinging biceps! Consider it!

    Sigh. Happiness. If it wasn't Big Bang season, I'd consider fic. But alas, it is, so...it'll have to wait. AVENGERS.
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