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you can't fly unless you let yourself fall

Having one of those periods in life where there is just TOO MUCH TO DO. All good stuff, the days just pass by so quickly. I can't keep up and I can't get everything done. *flail*

I'm off today and have cleaned everything that exists, caught up with BB mod stuff, attempted to bake chocolate cupcakes from a new recipe that turned out to be a DISASTER, and now have bread in the oven. Once it comes out, I have to go get dressed (yes, I'm still in PJs) because my parents are coming over to change all the batteries in my smoke alarms (there are SEVEN in this house!!), and then we're going to dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

*inhale* *exhale*

Been thinking lately about being outdoors...I never am. It's so stinking hot and I spend most of my evenings so dead tired. But I am craving "green" air. Not sure what to do about it, but thinking is a good first step for me. Fall will come eventually. Usually about two days before winter.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was having some issues with being exhausted after lunch. I was eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables and found it so confusing, that should all be good stuff, right? I went back to my previous lunch, which I truly ate every day for about a year -- an apple, a piece of cheese, a slice of homemade bread, and some almond butter -- and all is well again. It makes me feel even more convinced that I have some undiagnosed food allergies. (I already have diagnosed myself with allergies to strawberries and raw tomatoes. I'm pretty sure bell peppers now are on that list too, along with my lifelong sensitivity to milk.)

Has anyone been through food allergy testing? I'm interested in the process and any information or thoughts you may have.

Looking forward to all the Supernatural, Iron Man 3, and Game of Thrones gossip to come out of Comic Con this weekend. Gimme! *makes grabby hands* Can't wait for Jared's Nerd HQ panel Sunday either. Last year's remains one of my all time favorite appearances of his.

Yesterday on the radio, they were talking about spending money and how this study showed that people who spend money on THINGS are less happy than people who spend money on EXPERIENCES. This has been on my mind a lot lately too as I've been trying to repay a debt to myself and often struggle with needs vs. wants. Do you think buying things makes you happy? What experiences have you splurged on that were worth every cent?

OK, ALSO. I cannot stop listening to stupid Justin Bieber's stupid new CD. I seriously think I have an addiction issue. It just makes me so happy. LOVE IT.

Guess that's all for me, sorry I've been MIA lately. Summer reading is going awesome, but requiring all my energy and focus. I miss you guys!
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