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Look! An entire entry that does not mention Justin Bieber!

I am intrigued by all the green smoothie recipes I keep running across...I mean, they look amazing and the ingredients are some of my favorite foods anyway. But like, here's my issue: It is SO MUCH FOOD. I just saw one that was a whole banana, a whole apple, a half cup of yogurt, two handfuls of spinach, half cup of orange juice, plus misc. frozen fruit. Blend and drink. That's one serving. My stomach would EXPLODE if I tried to get all that down in one sitting. I realize you can drink more as a liquid than you can eat as a solid, but the fact remains...SO MUCH FOOD. It sort of boggles my brain. (And makes me feel a bit nauseated.)

I am officially bored with Pintrest. Alas.

Does anyone know where I can find the first two episodes of season two, Game of Thrones? Gotta be in a single file download as I cannot be bothered to rejoin split files. *shiver*

This morning I am going to meet two ex-library co-workers (we all temped together at the same time) for brunch at the delicious vegan cafe I love. And M is bringing her brand new baby! They named her Amelia and call her Millie. I kinda love it. Can't wait to snuggle her face off!

Then, I am going to come home and get back into my PJs. I have some cooking and some cleaning to do, I need to read at least one Big Bang (yes, NEED to, it's on my To Do list), watch Jared's Nerd HQ panel, pack my lunches for next week, and then I'll probably be ready to flop into bed.

Sounds like a good day, yes? I'm off!
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