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there's nothing to grab so I let go

Ok, what I would really like is for LJ to actually USE my default icon when I post a comment instead of using the first one that comes alphabetically. Especially as "as you do" is NOT appropriate for every situation! Is this happening to anyone else???

Anyone seen icons from Comic Con or Jared's Nerd HQ panel? I NEED.

We've been having trouble here lately with the water. A few weeks ago it started to have this awful taste and smell. Oh, but never fear, the city posted that the filtering plants had gone down (!!) but that the water was fine to drink. Then why, I can't help but wonder, was it being filtered? Also, I'm not talking a weird aftertaste or a little odor, I mean it was like drinking straight dirt and it smelled like sour milk.

OK, so fiiiinally all that has apparently been fixed, but now the water is soooo dry. It doesn't quench my thirst at all. I mean, it's only going to be 107 degrees today, who needs access to clean water??? AHHHHHH.

So far I have checked out Ever After, Thor and The Rock to watch tomorrow. I'm hoping some others y'all suggested get turned in today, we shall see.

Today we're have a program with content I'm very excited about but with a performer I hear through the grapevine has a reputation for yelling at the kids. That will not be happening today. SIGH.

Now I have to go to CVS to spend my life savings on prescriptions. *flails around a little*
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