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hate may win some battles, but love wins in the end

I have had a really, really rotten day, which among others things, included my boss reprimanding me while we still were in the parking lot this morning, and then later, a co-worker saying really mean, hateful things about me, straight to my face. (I'm not innocent in the situation, but let's not dwell on that.) It's just been an exhausting, emotional day and I am spent -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. I cannot believe I have to go back there tomorrow.

Tell me good things?

Here's one I'll share with you...when I was having a DVD and pizza date with my buddy last Sunday, my phone alarm went off. This happened:

Her: Is that the Supernatural song?
Me: Yeah, Back in Black, AC/DC.
Her: I just know it as the Supernatural song!

I found it rather adorable.

I also made her watch Thor. I should be getting toasters in TWO fandoms, yes?
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