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The summer reading program at my library ends this week. Big Bang posting ends this week. Kids in this area go back to school August 27. The end to my three biggest summer stressers is in sight!

Though the final summer reading celebration isn't until Sunday, my branch's work is done, so I held the traditional thank you party for them yesterday. Everyone (except my nemesis -- she was so petty it actually was funny to me) seemed to really enjoy it. One thing I always do is put M&Ms in a jar equal to the number of total reading cards turned into our branch over the summer, then, I ask people to guess how many there are. Winner keeps the candy. My co-workers get SO INTO IT, one guy always tries to use math to figure out volume, one gal changes her guess 15 different times, there's trash talking and campaigning...it's just really fun.

Today there's a manager's meeting where we suspect TPTB are going to announce staffing changes for the next fiscal year, which starts in September. This could impact me, it could impact my manager, it could impact children's services as a whole. So, please keep your fingers crossed for good news.

Related, I am meeting a couple of library pals late tonight to have a download once the meeting is over and the news is announced. One of them works a late night tonight, so we can't even meet until after 8 p.m. While I realize this is not late to normal people, it's verrry late for me to be just starting out on a work night. I'm kind of excited though! It's fun to do something different, just once. And my late night is tomorrow so I can sleep in a bit to recover. We're going to Ole South for pancakes and such. Should be really fun, even if we only have bad news to discuss.

Has anyone ever tried roasting their own almonds in the oven? I bought natural instead of dry roasted (sigh) and am trying to recover from my mistake. I found a "recipe" online and the results are cooling on my counter top. We shall see how this turns out!

OK, on I go. Let's get this day started!
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