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what do you want to do tonight? the same thing we do every night -- try to take over the world!

Pros and cons from the announcements yesterday...I am for certain losing the manager I love so much. She's not perfect, but she's been incredibly supportive and has empowered and taught me so much. She also has been incredibly patient with my flaws. Losing her is a large blow, professionally and personally.

More directly, in most all scenarios, I anticipate remaining employed. There are three paths I could take, all of which would give me huge opportunities, but also new challenges. (I know this is cryptic, but I don't want to commit too much in writing until after the budget is passed in September. Things still could change.)

I'm scared but also very, very excited. And relieved. And sad. Like I said...many changes will be forthcoming.

Anywhoo...late night pancakes with pals was incredibly uplifting. I'm so lucky to have these smart, supportive women as friends and role models. By the time I got home, fed the dogs, showered, and crawled into bed...it was midnight. I tried to sleep in, but no. *BING* My eyes were wide open at 6:30 a.m. SIGH. Yet again, I don't know how I will stay awake long enough to work until 8 p.m., but I suspect I'll find a way!

The almonds I toasted in the oven yesterday turned out awesome. I am so pleased! The bag was expensive so I'm really happy I could "rescue" it.

Since I was awake so stinking early, I baked blueberry muffins, answered all LJ comments and sent some personal emails, wrote a thank you card, did a load of dishes and a load of laundry...I'm ready for my nap! Alas, instead I have to get dressed and head off to work.

I've been so horrible about commenting lately, I'm sorry. I am reading everything still, it just seems to always be at a frantic pace. After this week I will try again to be better! *crosses heart* Miss you guys, MUCH LOVE.
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