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used to tell me "sky's the limit", now the sky's our point of view

I am so tired. All I want is for it to be 10 p.m. so I can take a shower and crawl into bed.

Yesterday was the big end of summer celebration at the Central library and it was a BLAST. So fun. There was amazing live music, face painters, balloon artists, food, a zillion door prizes, I don't even know what else, it was just awesome. There even were a couple of my local families that made the trek down for the party. Double excitement!

After that a very select group of people went to dinner and...I have a feeling that may be my new work team. Which would be amazing. But nothing is final until October so I am just keepin on keepin on in the meantime.

Today I went and sat in on a toddler story time at a nearby branch. It was awesome! And, something I totally think I could replicate. Although now, I may never again have the opportunity to do so. On the other hand! If I can get organized in time, I maybe could squeeze in a four week series between now and October. *grin*

A couple of nights ago, I went and played Bingo! I know, it sounds lame, and it sort of was, but also very fun. It was a neat group of people who I don't normally hang out with. Also, I played for three hours for four dollars, which is pretty much exactly my financial speed. AND, on one game I got within one number of winning. WOOOOO! So exciting.

Honestly, I'm too tired to think of any more things to write about. Good night and good luck. MWAH!
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