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remember all the things that you and I did first

Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair on The Facts of Life, is competing on the next season of Survivor. I don't know how I feel about this!


So many awesome wincon things are falling into place. It's only 59 days away. EEEE! Also scary_lullabies is going to do prom makeup on demand. Well, maybe more like on "if you ask nicely" rather than on demand. But, you know what I mean! Details and a poll are here.

You guuuuys. As mentioned, Addison is here visiting and I had so much fun with her yesterday. She's at that perfect age where she's all snuggly and still loves me, but she also can hold a conversation or do art by herself for an hour or work with me to scare Grandpa. Not that we'd do that. Certainly not three times twice in a row.

She may come over and spend the night with me tomorrow. Exciting! It would be the first time I've ever kept her completely alone. *bites nails* But really, by the time I feed and bathe her and we watch a DVD, it'll be bed time. Right?!?!

Did you guys watch Jared's video? By Jared, I suppose I mean Brian Buckley, but let's be honest here...we're watching for Jared. (It's here if you need to see.) I could watch Jared shave and get dressed all day, but really? I don't GET it. This sort of makes me feel old. Music videos are beyond my comprehensive grasp. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? *laughs at self* Alas.

As you all told me, I LOVED the geocaching seminar I went to. OMG! So freaking fun! I can't wait to execute our own program. It will be amaaaazing!

Had a nice surprise last night when annkiri showed up on my doorstep on her way through town. She really just needed a place to sleep, but it was nice to get in a hug before we both crashed out. She's back in Austin now. I'm not too sad though because I will get to see her LOTS this Fall. That's her announcement to make, I'm trying not to scoop her, but not talking about it is kiiiiilling me!

Ok, lastly. I know this is way at the bottom and you zoned out right around the part where I started gushing about Addison, but I need your help! I asked for a food processor for my birthday, but my mom wants me to pick it out. I want to be able to make pesto and chop vegetables, and crush almonds more than a handful at a time, and maybe juice things. Any suggestions? Do you use one you love? Tell me everything!

I've been trying to write this entry for so long that I had to hand-write a LIST so I'd remember all my points of discussion. 0_o Definitely bedtime now. Later gators!
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