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Sunday Recs: Four J2 + One SPN + Misc.

I love Jared and Jensen con days!! They're always exciting, and the boys are beautiful, and every nugget of information feels like a gift. BOYS. ♥

I haven't done recs in a long time, I'm sorry. Summer reading + BB sort of ate the last few months. But here are some fics I had bookmarked to tell you about:

  • An Offer You Can Never Refuse by akintay -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 7,000 words) -- Jared is a damn good thief – smart and rational, if a bit cocky. With Jensen at his side he's even better.

  • Give Me A Sign by __tiana__ -- (Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 2,000 words) -- College AU. Jared spots Jensen across a crowded cafeteria. When he realizes Jensen is signing to his friends, Jared has a new mission in life. Learn to talk with his hands.

  • Homecoming by bertee -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,700 words) -- In which Jared is a king and Jensen is not behaving in the way a king's consort should.

  • Wake Up by riyku -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,200 words) -- Fic about Jensen's mouth.

  • Turning Point by mistyzeo -- (Sam/Dean, R, 2,100 words) -- A little after Sam turned sixteen, he started beating Dean in their wrestling matches.

    And some non-fandom things:

  • John Green Autographed Limited Edition Hardback Boxed Set -- WAAAAAAANT.

  • Five guys take same photo for 30 years -- Found via embroiderama

  • 10 Things to Do Even if They Judge You

  • 10 Things You Must Give Up to Be Successful

    Happy Sunday! Share the J2 news and pics as you find them, please!!
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