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Two fics I would like to read:

1. Jared and Jensen making out a lot. Like, for whatever reason, all they can do is kiss a lot and maybe touch a little, but nothing else. This should go on for several scenes. Kissing, yeeees. Then, when they finally are able to get together, it's hot and explosive, and everything I they ever wanted, and I they are left dizzy with it all. True love is in play, obviously. Did I mention lots of making out??

2. Jensen is an omega who wants to get knotted so he goes to a knotting house similar to how vampires go to feeding houses...the alphas are the feeder equivalents. (Also, come on...Knotting Inn is brilliant! LOL) Anywhoo, he goes to the place and once there, he goes into a room and an alpha comes in and knots him and it's all just very sexual. Except that, of course, it's Jared and they start to develop feelings, and Jensen comes back several times, and finally they decide that neither of them wants to knot anyone else ever again because they are IN LOVE, and then they celebrate with more sexy!times. I like the idea of the omega having the "control" of deciding when, while all the alphas are just sitting around waiting. Especially since once the sex starts, the alpha is in control of it.

Also, J2 knotting.

Y'all it has been a long week. Good, but long. Here are some things that happened:

  • I had delicious german pancakes at Ole South.
  • I made magic cookie bars for a meeting and none (NONE!) of the people ever had eaten them before. I was a hero with a recipe that took five minutes (seriously) to make.
  • School started.
  • Job stuff still is in flux but the Director of Youth Services asked me to take an ALA class that's clearly to ramp me up for my new position. It's 12 weeks, the library pays for it, and I can't tell my current boss. SIGH.
  • Speaking of my current boss, she's having surgery today and will be out on medical leave for four weeks. Unsettling on multiple levels.
  • I am getting my hair cut today.
  • Adopted a new mantra: Wake up and be awesome. (Need icon.)
  • Continued to ignore all the bad stuff.

    Time for more tea. Happy Thursday!
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