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Have had a lovely two day weekend. Some things:

  • My parents are leaving this week on a trip and on Sunday their washing machine broke. So, they brought three loads of essentials over here. While it was washing, Mom made homemade pizza from scratch and then Dad took me to Sonic for ice cream. Super fun!

  • Have I told y'all yet that my TV died? I bought it in June 2011, but now it refuses to turn on. The repair guy is coming Wednesday morning to have a look, but I just know I'm gonna have to replace it. GRR!!

  • Accidentally fell into a Bad Girls Club marathon yesterday. Whoops!

  • I also played with spray paint yesterday. My shower caddy is covered in rust, so I spray painted it with waterproof silver. It looks so much better! Hopefully it won't ruin the shower. I also did this tape dispenser makeover, which turned out SO AWESOME! I love it. And, I also spray painted some over-sized puzzle pieces with chalkboard paint and am going to use them as gift tags (like this!)

  • Is it weird or amazing that patrons keep friending me on Facebook? It's mostly story time moms that I really like, so I lean towards awesome. But it's happening a lot all of a sudden...how do they find me??

  • Today is story time and we're doing all sing-a-long books, which should be a blast. Then, we're going to use empty water bottles that I cribbed from a meeting last week and make maracas! Ooohhh, exciting!
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