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three things

First, I just read some vague spoilers for season eight and the comments were full of Sam-bashing. UGH. I love Sam. I love Dean. I don't understand why people think that wailing on one makes their love for the other stronger. Also, many of the comments were flat wrong. *hands*

Second, I'm...disappointed that only two of six cards were claimed. That's the very first time I've ever offered letters and they weren't all taken. Is it because I've pissed off the world and don't know it? Or, my LJ has moved into a vacuum? Or, just no one reads anymore? SIGH. In any case if you want a letter, leave me comment at that post -- still got four cute popsicle cards left! All claimed! Thanks guys!

And, third! As most of you know, wincon is in October. Every year we do a silent auction and it benefits charity and it is awesome in all ways. This is a great way to showcase your fandom crafts (or to clean out your closet.) If you have anything you'd like to donate, give me a holler.
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