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As I mentioned on twitter, yesterday I got some bad news and was really upset at work. Then, I got some even worse news, and that just sent me straight to tears. (Work stuff, real problems, don't worry.) I laid awake all night long thinking about it all and...I'm just really low in that area right now. Next week I'm going to a seminar with a librarian friend, and I plan to discuss it with her while we're trapped alone in the car. I know she'll have good advice for me.

In other news! Let's re-focus!

1. Tomorrow is my day off!
2. I treated myself to Starbucks this morning!
3. I get Cheesecake Factory tomorrow with a good friend!
4. I processed an entire cart of holds today, all by myself!
5. I made the assistant manger laugh! FINALLY. (He has resisted for far too long.)
6. This morning there was new Long Hard Ride fic from zubeneschamali! (HAPPY PLACE.)
7. UnWholly (the sequel to UnWind) is on my kitchen table!
8. At the end of every day, there is sleep. (To paraphrase Amy Krause Rosenthal.)

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