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Dallas Con 2012: Photo Opps and Autographs

I am home from Dallas!Con! It was predictably amazing. No matter how many times I see Jared and Jensen, they never, ever disappoint. It always is amazing, they always are impressive, and the con always is loads of fun.

I did livetweet most of the panels and such here: @wendy_d. I know there are lots of recaps and vids from other sources, so...enjoy them!

I didn't take any real photos this year, just a few on my phone. I'll upload those later. For now, here are my unique experiences -- photos and autographs.

I really failed on autos this year. I forgot all about even needing something to sign and grabbed a blank notecard on the way out of the house. Not ideal, but I used the same thing in Burbank and it turned out great. Means it should work ok in Dallas too, right? HAHA.

Chad Lindbergh was the first to sign and he took up almost the entire bottom half. (A theme for him -- he did it to the people I was with too!) There still were seven more people to sign so I was a little nervous about fitting them all in. Then, all the Friday and Saturday guests were willing to personalize, which sounds awesome, but it was a lot of my name repeated in a small space. This will become important later.

OK, first up after breakfast on Sunday (also, all breakfasts should be narrated by Jared and Jensen, just like, from now on) was my solo photo opp with Jensen. His family was in the room, sitting near by to watch the proceedings. There were several small boys who all were bored out of their minds. When I walked up to Jensen, I pointed at the kids and said, "The nephews do not look impressed." He started laughing really hard and was like, "Yeah, it's hard to impress kids that age." I thanked him and left. The photo turned out AWESOME, as he and I are both laughing in it. It's a real, true Jensen Ackles smile and I love it!!

Then was our duo opp, which I mostly bombed with my own flailing. But, the people before us had the guys pose with two large stuffed snakes. When annkiri and I walked up for our pic, Jared and Jensen were just laughing hysterically. I was all "WHAT is going on here??" and Jared said, "Oh, I was just telling Jensen a joke about my snake." Becca and I both went BLINK BLINK BLINK. We were just clutching at each other once we left the room. I can't believe he really said that, but he did!

Next up was my Jared solo. I asked him what his bracelet said. He showed it to me and read the whole thing out loud. It's a leather band that snaps, with a silver plate on the other side. In gorgeous cursive, it's engraved with Thomas's full name and birth date. Really beautiful. I said, "Oh wow, that's awesome." And Jared said, "Yeah, my wife had it made for me." He grabbed me for the pic and we were done. UGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

(When I tweeted this, Twitter was quick to jump in to say that the SPN costume designer gave him the bracelet. Maybe so, but he told me directly that Gen did. Maybe it was a group effort, I do not know. But regardless, there is no need to correct me on this point. Please. And, thank you.)

For autographs, I walked up to Jensen and said "welcome back to Texas" or some such nonsense, and he said thanks. Then he signed my card and started laughing. "Oh, is your name Wendy? Is that what it is?" I was so embarrassed and basically said, "Caught that, did you?" He laughed, I said thanks and walked outside where I flailed around at my own awkwardness for a bit while Becca and Lynn laughed at me.

Here's the reason for the name joke:

For Jared's auto, I said that when we were in Burbank, he'd made Becca and I PROMISE to eat Whataburger for him when we got back to Texas. So, I wanted to know if he was going to return the favor. He said, "Oh, I'm totally stopping there on the way to the airport!" And, he did!! *swoon*

I really loved having their families there. I thought it made everything just extra special and personal. These boys are close to their families, and they clearly are all so proud of each other. I just loved it!!

I also loved that I got to see so many fangirls...annkiri, runedgirl, waterofthemoon, mkay9 (only briefly), and matalinolukaret (also only very briefly, AHHH, so sorry Rona!)

It was such a good time. I really feel that every day should be a con day, it's such a blast. I realized earlier that this feeling is EXACTLY why people become groupies. I get it!

My heart is so full of love right now! ♥
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