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My parents had to have their 17 year old cat put to sleep yesterday. It's was a really sad thing but she was in organ failure and it had to be done. I never was super attached to Baby but she was part of our family for a long time, and we all cried about it.

It also has been making me worry a lot about Max. He's fine -- definitely not dying -- but all of a sudden he's just gotten really OLD. I've joked for a long time now that he's a grumpy old man, but it's getting worse. Like, last week he wasn't able to jump into the car by himself, for the first time ever. It just breaks my heart.

In other depressing news, I think I made a mistake dealing with new!boss. GAH. I'm not technically her employee until November, but she has asked me to do 14 hours of overtime for events in October. When she asked me to do ANOTHER (on my regular day off), I just snapped and emailed back no, it was too much overtime, and that current!boss is getting cranky. All true. But I know new!boss won't like that answer. SIGH.

I have tomorrow off (baths for dogs, chocolate chip cookies for work, and watching my Avengers DVD on repeat), and then on Friday I am off to Austin for the Teen Book Festival. Anyone else see the irony in me being in Austin while annkiri is at my house in FW? Yeah. But I'll be staying with phaballa and I'm excited to see her! And Neal Shusterman, Lex Thomas, Libba Bray, Rachel Cohn, Gina Damico, Ally Carter, and Ally Condie are all speaking, plus some other people. I can't wait!
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