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I've had a headache for days

I am so freaking tired, I just sort of want to lay down and DIE.

Now, I shall comeplian about my very awesome life for a bit --

While I know being paid to read books doesn't sound like a hardship, this is one thing I'm really overwhelmed with. I'm about to start doing a book review column for the newspaper, a co-worker and I will switch off months. She does picure books and I do teen books. Which means I have to have read at least six books on a theme in order to review them. Then, I started an ALA class today that new!boss is sending me to (which means I have to do it all in my free time because old!boss STILL doesn't know I'm changing jobs.) Anyway, in addition to the articles we have to read each week, thr papers, the discussion questions...we also are required to read and post reviews of 12 books in the next four weeks. I can hear you thinking, "Use the same books you're reviewing for the paper!" But no, we have to choose off a specific list he provided and THERE IS NO OVERLAP. (At least not with the first two columns I'm planning -- 12 books for that.)

Not to mention the books that I actually just want to read! Like, FOR FUN!


I'm also on a committee with the assistant director of the entire system and he gave us an assignment last week that I still have not done. That is stressing me out a lot too.

AND, I found out today that the manager I love so much wasn't given the promotion spot, which basically means she's been let go. It honestly is fairly crushing to me.

Also, I have, let's see...one, two, three, four...projects for Wincon that are not done. I have appointments all day Thursday (my day off), plus I have to work that evening. I have a wedding on Sunday (my other day off)...there is no time to breathe.

AHHHHHHHHH. *runs in crazy circles* How long am I meant to keep up this pace?!?!
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