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the chills that you spill up my back keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done

A couple of my story time kids are involved with the youth group at a local church. This year, their fundraiser is a pumpkin patch. So, I went by last week and bought two big pumpkins, and I love them. I had intended to maybe spray paint them, but now I kind of like them just as they are.

I printed off the form to register to vote by mail. Do I want to vote by mail LiveJournal? I can't decide.

Lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY! I want to draw your attention to this stellar vid ash48 made back in August but that I somehow missed completely until recently: I'm a Lucky Man.

It's all about Jared and why he considers himself to be a lucky man and it makes my throat feel all tight, which I'm sure is just ALLERGIES, but still. You should watch it right now. And, if the wink doesn't make you feel lightheaded, then your heart is made of stone.

I love all of Ash's vids, but this one especially.

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